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A truly unique dining experience in the western mountains of Maine

The Stone Mountain Arts Center Presents
SMAC is Not Just For Concerts Anymore!!

Cafe is open on any show night and on theme dinner nights
for Dine In and Curbside.

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Queen Post Café Menu   |   Dining News & Special Events

The Queen Post Café Menu is NOT the same as the Show menu.
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Sunday Brunch at SMAC on "Occasion"
Always a special occasion!

Reservations suggested and appreciated
Check the calendar for "The Occasional Brunch" Sundays

PLEASE NOTE...The Queen Post Cafe is not for concert goers.
It is a seperate dining area  for folks who just want to come have dinner with us. 

Come dine in our newly adapted 200 year old barn in one of our unique individual dining spaces, in a snug, our cool balcony . And the screened in porch is open now too. This is a dining experience unlike any other. Come see what all the buzz is about. Curbside is also available with our new Curbside Courtyard area if you wanna get it while it’s hot! Serving up our gourmet comfort food, huge portions, wine, beer, and now spirits in an unique old barn settings. See below our variety of seating.




What did we do during Covid?
As you may or may not know we have two barns on our property, joined by a breezeway. One is our Maine Concert Hall and one is our 210 year old lobby barn. Our stage was quiet for 2020 so our lobby was vacant too. So we deicdded to creat a unique space of many private dining rooms so folks would feel safe to dine in their own space. It turned out to be a really cool idea, with salvaged doors and antiques everywhere creating a unique dining setting that would be popular post Covid!

Our portions are huge!
When you dine in the Cafe, we greet you with a welcome glass of bubbly and homenade breads…to say Thanks for coming!! By the way, our prices are a little on the high side, but please know when you support our dining, you support our music too and we thank you!. And dont worry... you will go home with leftovers for a few days!!

How did we get the name?
A queen post, sometimes called queenpost or queenspost, is a type of roof truss that has two vertical posts that rise up from a tie beam at the bottom to support the rafters. ... A queen post can support a wider span than a king post, and it provides more space inside a room. I love this name because it kind of sums up the supportive approach we have here at SMAC…not one person, but Jeff and I with an amazing staff supporting our humble barns.

Come see us and get hooked!
xoxoxoxo Carol and Jeff (owners of SMAC)

Welcome to The Queen Post Cafe
Relax in your private snug
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* Dinner and Take Out is by Reservations only

* Hours:-
We are open Evenings on:
Most Fridays, Saturdays, Concert Nights and Selected Event Nights.
Now open for Sunday Brunch!
Times vary so please inquire when you make a reservation.

* Cafe Seating is for Indoor Diners only…
sorry not for Take Out’ers or Concert Goers.
But we do have an outdoor area now in front for optional seating

* Email or call us early at 1-207-935-7292.

* Curbside must be ordered by 4:00 the day of pick up.

* Cash is Still King ... we prefer cash or checks.
In this challenging time, avoiding credit card fees is optimal.

* NO-NO - Outside food or beverage is not allowed on our premises.
The permit holder (SMAC) is responsible for any and all food and beverage consumed on our premises so it needs to be provided by us. Not to mention, we’re tryin'to make. livin' here!

* Please see below the how-to's for Reservations.

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We have worked very hard to make your dining experience special .
Barn Seating
We made mini little dining rooms in each bay of the 200 year old barn with old doors and windows….and we even have two Irish Snugs. We wanted you to feel special, not just far apart, so each table is really an experience. The bays are divided but the high rafters are still exposed . The barn is big and open, but still cozy. Be sure to scroll down and read about our newest Loft Spaces addition. See the options below ...
Our Snugs:
(Two of them)
The most special bays are our "Snugs"...Snugs were little rooms within the pubs where folks could drink out of view. Like priests, cops, and even the mob! And women were not allowed to drink in many pubs and if they were, the snug was their option! Jeff built two of them and they are amazing little mini dining private rooms.
The Wedding Snug... The bigger snug holds 4 to 8 people
Tree House Wedding Snug
Darby’s Snug ... the smaller snug…for 2 to 6 people
Tree House Darby Snug
Octavia's Bays:
Very cosy for two and is full of artwork by our own Octavia Bishop
The Bedroom: Surrounded by old french doors, and holds a party of two to 4 at a table made by Jeff out of a vintage bedframe.
Octavia's Bay and The Bedroom
The Record Room:
Features a giant window and doors dividing the bay and with a vintage record player decor.
The Record Room
The Rescue Couch Lounge:
These cool rescue couches can make for a fun gathering spot, or add tables for dinner seating.
Rescue Couch Lounge
NEW... Loft Spaces: They are upstairs and outfitted with old mirrors, fun lamps and vintage bureaus..some from my childhood! They are very open and not closed in like the spaces below. There are three to choose from ...

The Stairloft

Stair Loft (left)
... at the top of the staris a nice table for two or four by the stained glass window. Yes, another bed table by Jeff! This table has a top made with the rood metal from our old roof with a glass top

Cat Walk (below) … this literally has a birds eye view of the whole connects the two lofts.

Cat Walk Seating

Hay Loft ... The bigger of the Loft spaces, this loft space used to hold our hay and now can host an intimate table for 2 or a big table of 8. Has a nice copper bar that borders one side and is a fun loft for a bigger party. It also has one of Jeff’s fun bed tables!

Hay Loft Seating
Aisle Seats: Like all barns there is a big middle aisle, and when all the snugs are gone we still have a few nice tables of  two with cute bench seats. A great view to see al the action!
Queen Post Cafe aisle seating
Noonan's Pub Seats: Our cozy pubby looking bar will serve dinner for a party of up to four,  parties of two or singles.  Seats are reserved for diners only.
Queen Post Cafe Distanced Bar Seating

Queen Post Cafe Stage Dining

Star of the Day Stage Dining:

A private table on our stage! A party of 4 to 8 on our stage!! Its pretty lonesome in our concert hall right now, but with a few folks at your table you will forget the empy hall and wonder at the beauty of the windows and the stage….be our stars of the day!

Picnic Table seating

Picnic Tables:

We have two uncovered picnic tables at the dressing room courtyard below the Tree House. They are available for table service and sometimes take out. Availability will vary.
The Porch Seating: It kinda feels like that tree house. The enclosed screened in porch sits high up in the trees where the green shades and the sounds of our old owl and many birds will make the dining experience really special. Oh and you might see a moose on occasion!!  Make your reservations early for these limited tables. Seasonally available. It will stay open as long as you feel hearty enough to weather the weather!!
Queen Post Cafe Seasonal Porch Seating
Fattening the Curb…SMAC Take Out
We have a booming take out business, and the menu changes each weekend. Can’t be with us? Donate a meal to a deserving family. Check out our take out page.
Queen Post Cafe Curbside and Community Meals

Curbside Seating

Curbside Seating

Get it while it's hot, with our new curbsaide seating….just for you!

Order take out and sit outside …you can even get a beverage too. It will be wise to call ahead and reserve a table..there are only 4 or them.

Just the facts SMAC

When you dine with us, either at Noonan's or for curbside take out, you'll also support these local businesses.

Weston's Farm
Fryeburg, Maine

The Stow Away Baker
Stow, Maine

Northland Lobster Company
Conway, NH 

Hand sanitizer available at every doorway
Sanitizer available at every doorway

  • Hours:
    - We are open Evenings on:
      Most Fridays, Saturdays, Concert Nights
       and Selected Event Nights.
       Times vary so please inquire when you make a reservation.
    - We are also now OPEN for SUNDAY BRUNCH
    - Email or call us early at 1-207-935-7292
  • Curbside - must be ordered by 4:00 the day of pick up
  • On a Concert Night - dining and curbside is still open ... but ...
    If it is a concert night, the kitchen has to serve food by 7:30 so we can start the show (the kitchen is in the Main Concert Hall and has to shut down during a concert). We don't want to rush you so we recommend a 6:00 reservation so you are not rushed. That is why we usually only take 6:00ish reservations on concert nights for the Cafe dining.
  • Table Lingering
    Table reservations have a two hour limit especially if there is a reservation waiting :>) Exceptions can be made in advance, but usually not on the porch.
  • Cancellation..please call ahead, we dont have that many tables available be considerate
  • Dinner is by Reservations only
    There are lots of special style seating. We will try to honor of all of your requests, but keep in mind we only have a small amount of tables so we will do the best we can. Please let us know if tall chairs are a problem for you . Email us or call ahead. (207-935-7292). Your reservation is not confirmed until you hear back from us. We only have a few tables so don't be a no show!!!
  • Food and Beverage
    We serve Wine, Beer and Spirits, Our fare is kind of  gourmet comfort food and most nights our take out page will give you an idea of what to expect when you din in with us. 
  • Cash is Still King…we prefer cash or checks. In this challenging time, avoiding credit card fees is optimal.
  •  Be respectful. Everyone has their own opinion on all of this craziness and we are all making very personal choices….Lets respect your neighbors, and how they feel. Cause God knows if we have nothing in common right now it has been this crappy year of a pandemic.
  • Dining For Concert Goers.
    You dine where you are seated for show in the Maine Concert Hall. When you order your tickets you can opt for dining or not. Those hours will be posted on your particular concert details. The menu for concert goers is not always the same as the Cafe, because on show nights we have such a time constraint. 
  • Getting here….GPS doesn't always work, so check out our directions page before you come.
  • Lastly Thank you for supporting our Dining business, because when you support our dining, you support the music too!
Adapt and Change

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent.
It is the one that is most adaptable to change. ” - Charles Darwin

Yes that’s what we are all about right now. We know you think of us as a music venue primarily and so do we…but while this pandemic effects us, our staff and our customers we will do what we need to do to weather whatever storm comes our way. We will do what we do best…entertain you with food, laughter, friendship and yes, music. Just have to be a little more creative than usual!! Things can only get better right?!!!! :>)

Please know when you support our dining, you support our music too
and we thank you!
xoxoxox Carol, Jeff, and the SMAC Crew

The Queen Post Café at Stone Mountain Arts Center 695 Dugway Road, Brownfield, Maine 04010 dot 1-207-935-7292
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