Stone Mountain Arts Center for the performing arts timberframe construction coming soon to Brownfield Maine.
Stone Mountain Arts Center Show Dinner Menu
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When you dine with us, either at Noonan's or for curbside take out, you'll also support these local businesses.

Weston's Farm
Fryeburg, Maine

The Stow Away Baker
Stow, Maine

Northland Lobster Company
Conway, NH 

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So you are having dinner before the show ... terrific!
Here are a few facts you should know before
you check out the menu below.

PLEASE NOTE...The Queen Post Cafe is not for concert goers. It is a seperate dining area  for folks who just want to come have dinner with us. 
  • Dinner Seating ...
    -Begins at 6:00 on. first come first serve basis. You are called in order of arival. Exceptions are for gold pass members, guests of the owners or artists, or folks who might need special seating for a medical reason
    -Our lobby opens for most shows at 5:00 where you can check in and mingle and get a drink if desired. until dinner seating begins (6:00) 
    - Where you watch the show in where you dine in the concert hall
                  (The Cafe spaces are not available to concert goers )

    - There are few individual tables…But expect to be seated with other music lovers.
    - If you want to join other folks, let us know ahead of time ..we cannot change the seating plan when you get here.
  • Payment ... we prefer cash or checks on site
  • Dinner Service ... We serve from 6:00 to 7:15. Tables need to be cleared for the concert, so we try ot get orders in quickly. Forgive us for our quick pace. We want you all done before the show starts!
  • Beverages ... we have wine, beer and spirits and want you to drink responsibly so you have good behavor for the show!
  • Outside food or beverage is not allowed on our premises. The permit holder (SMAC) is responsible for any and all food and beverage consumed on our premises so it needs to be provided by us. Not to mention, we’re tryin'to make. livin' here!
  • Our prices are on the high side, but our portions are generous, like you!! It takes many people to serve all of you at virtually one time, so that reflects in the price.
  • Allergies and Diets ... This is a small kitchen that preps nuts, shellfish, and gluten items. As much as we will try, we cannot guarantee cross contamination. Speaking of a small is very hard to fulfill all diets. Please call ahead and we can try to accommodate.
  • THIS IS NOT THE QUEEN POST CAFE MENU… Please note the Queen Post menu is a more enhanced menu and dining experience in the old barn. It is NOT available to concert goers. We cannot provide that kind of menu for our concert goers …it would slow the pace down and we would never be ready for the show..and that's why you are here!! If you are looking for the Queen Post Menu, click here.

    FINALLY ...
  • THE SHOW MENU ... the menu is posted the day of the show, but we will always leave the previous menu up so you can get an idea. See Menu Below:

MENU May 26

*Beef Stroganoff ...This old favorite is made with Beef tenderloin, mushrooms, bacon, and carmelised onions.Simmered in a rich sauce and served on egg noodles, finished with a swirl of maple sour cream and scallion . Comes with Corn bread and pumpkin butter 39.00

*SMAC Fish Taco Wrap...Beer battered haddock with melted cheese, house slaw and honey siracha mayo rolled in a flour tortilla Comes with kettle chips, and a demi salad 37.00

*Greek chicken..chicken thighs braised in white wine, tomatoes  and apricots and served on spinach and topped with basil alfredo and tomato feta and herb topping. Comes with Cornbread and pumpkin butter 39.00

  • SMAC’n and Cheese A rich , creamy and cheesy mac and cheese featuring garden veggies. Comes with a Demi salad with house dressing, corn bread and pumpkin butter. 36.00
    * Add Bacon 3.00
    * Add Veggie chili with sour cream and a few tortilla chips 4.00

*Marty’s Veggie Chili Combo..... a favorite of country star Marty Stuart... A crock full of our hearty chili comes with cheese, side of sour cream and tortilla chips with a Demi salad, cornbread and pumpkin butter 36.00

*Flatbread Pizza For One Dinner: 36.00 Pizzas Comes with a Demi salad with our house dressing Tonight’s Flavor:
* The Greek..white pizza with garlic, tomatoes, spinach, red onion, banana peppers, Our cheese blend and feta.
* The Shrimpy… white pizza with garlic, tomatoes, shrimp, broccoli, and our cheese blend

About Our Amazing Staff....please treat them kindly tonight. We are so lucky to have them. It has been a recovery year for SMAC, but you would never know it when it comes to our staff, as they have stuck with us through all the ups and downs. And members with meals, please don’t forget your server when your bill comes. The meal might be free, but they of course will give you nothing but full price service!

                                  SMAC BIG DINNER SALADS
Come with Corn Bread and Pumpkin Butter.... These are big dinner salads, but also make a nice starter for two. See Below the Big Salads :>))

*SMAC Super Dinner Salad Fresh Greens, garden veggies, dried cranberries, topped with our House vingairette dressing and Jeff's nuts! (his famous glazed pecans). 20.00

*SMAC Very Berry Dinner Salad Fresh Greens, a variety of fresh Berries and fresh blue cheese or goat cheese, dried cranberries, topped with our creamy poppy seed dressing and glazed pecans. 23.00

*Greekish Dinner Salad....Fresh Greens, cukes, toms, olives, pickled red onions, banana peppers and feta of course. Topped with dried cranberries, croutons and our housee vingairette 23.00
*Make it and Antipasto-ish Salad: add 3.00….Add marinated salami, and sub provo cheese to the Greekish

*Barbarella Dinner Salad.... This is my sister Barb’s favorite salad...and like the movie, this salad is lusty and fun! Starts with Fresh greens, fresh mozzarella, sliced sweet grape tomatoes, topped with dried cranberries and Jeff's Nutz! Then finished off with a drizzle of our house vingairette 22.00

Xtra Salad Toppings:
Smoked Salmon 10.00.
Herb Roasted Chicken 9.00

Goat cheese 3.00 Feta Cheese 3.00 Blue cheese 3.00

                                                       SWEETIES !!!
* Brownie Sundae with heath bar crunch and hot fudge sauce ... 16.00 * Stow Away’s Home Made Pie. ala mode Gotta try it!! 16.00
* Maple Whoopie Pie: Yum…new house fav from Stow Away! 12.00

A Note from Carol and Jeff.... We know our prices are on the high side...but again, when you dine with us you are helping SMAC to weather this challenging time of high food cost and post pandemic scars....and we thank you!!! By the way... ya know our portions are generous just like you!!!





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