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When you dine with us, either at Noonan's or for curbside take out, you'll also support these local businesses.

Weston's Farm
Fryeburg, Maine

The Stow Away Baker
Stow, Maine

Northland Lobster Company
Conway, NH 

Food from The Queen Post Cafe

Speaking of Dine in....
For Dine In...Covid and SMAC
"We know coming indoors seems like a new idea! But if you do decide to venture in, we have private dining spaces when available for our Cafe Diners who still want a little space :>)

Available on Friday and Saturday Nights
and Special Event Nights Like Theme Thursdays!!

(Visit the Queen Post Café for the latest Special Events)

Call 207-935-7292 or send us an email

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Payment ... we prefer cash of checks please

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Also available for Takeout and Delivery .

We know our prices are on the high side…but again, when you dine with us you are helping SMAC to survive to be here when are able to shine fully again….and we thank you!!! 
By the way... ya know our portions are generous just like you!!!

*Please let us know if you have any allergies so we can keep you informed of what is available to you. We wish we could accommodate everyone but we are very limited.

Outside Food or Beverage is a NO-NO
Outside food or beverage is not allowed on our premises.
The permit holder (SMAC) is responsible for any and all food and beverage
consumed on our premises so it needs to be provided by us.
Not to mention, we’re tryin'to make. livin' here!

- IMPORTANT COVID INFO We cannot be responsible for your health decisions. Before you order a ticket or attend an event here … be aware being indoors anywhere with this contagious virus with lots of people is a risk…a risk not everyone should take. By visiting our establishment, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19, a virus that can lead to severe illness and in some cases death. There is no guarantees that you will not be exposed no matter what precautions are taken. 

* Please Note, we do not require vaccines or test to dine in the cafe as the tables are distanced inside. The porch tables are closer, but the porch is screened in. 

Masks are required when not at your table ... Be Kind.
(The main hall concerts or events DO require vaccine or test protocols.)

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Menu for September 17
(Subject to change) 

Refresh and check back the day of your reservation for the current menu.

This is NOT the concert menu.
For the current show dinner menu, click here.



We always greet you with some fresh breads and bubbly and then.....

Chips and SMAC Salsa 12.00

Veggie Chili Nachos with sour cream 18.00
(for take out we send this unbuilt so you can build it and cook it)

Hummus Plate 
pickled veggies, and raw veggies, with Stow Away Bakers herb crackers and naan dippers 20.00

Just a Cup of Chili
Chili Comes with cheese, side of sour cream and tortilla chips. 15.00

*  See Our Salad Menu below for a good splitkirm Lettuce is back!

*Downeast  Tortellini….
Cheese tortellini topped with gulf Shrimp and Weston’s corn braised with white wine and Weston tomatoes, and finished off with our basil alfredo Comes with Corn bread and honey butter. 36.00 

Carol’s Veggie Chili Combo
A crock full of his yummy soup of the day. Chili Comes with cheese, side of sour cream, tortilla chips, a Demi salad, and cornbread 30.00

SMAC Burrito Dinner
This dish is more New England than New Mexico…no too spicy.
Two mini flour tortilla burritos stuffed with tender chicken, beans, rice, veggies, and cheese, and finished off with Carol’s light fiesta white sauce. Side of salsa and sour cream too. Comes with a Demi salad and round tortilla chips. 36.00

Buffalo Chicken
Marinated Buffalo chicken, topped with a maple blue sauce and fiesta veggies..
Served over veggie mashed potatoes with cornbread and honey butter. 34.00

Pork Roast Dinnah ….
Pork tenderloin with our maple onion sauce. Served with veggie mashed potatoes, corn bread and honey butter. 36.00

Taco Salad
Westons Greens, tomatoes, black beans and corn with cheddar cheese and spiced ground beef and finished off with an herb ranch drerssing and tortilla chips 32.00

Flat Bread Pizza For One
Maine's Greek Pizza

 Topped with alfredo sauce, spinach, tomatoes, olives, local corn, feta and Italian cheeses and pickled red onion.  
Pizza come with a demi salad with our house vin.   30.00

Supah Lobster Stack
Supports 4 Locals Including SMAC!

Northland Lobster stacked on a buttery grilled Stow Away Baker's Jumbo English Muffin with Weston Farm’s Bibb Lettuce, and mayo .
Lobster prices are through the roof right now.....ugghh..So if you feel like you deserve a Kardashian priced lobster roll, go ahead and splurge. 
Add bag of Deep River kettle chips and pasta salad 55.00 (sorry)
Ditch the roll and order it as a Big Garden Salad
with garden veggies, homemade croutons, and orange buttermilk dressing or house vingairette.
Comes with corn bread and honey butter  

* See our Salad Menu below for a great splitskies appetiser 

SMAC Super Salad  
Fresh Greens, garden veggies, dried fruits, topped with our House vingairette
and Jeff's nuts! (his famous glazed pecans). 18.00

SMAC Fruity Salad 
Fresh Greens, with peaches, strawberries, blueberries, fresh blue cheese or goat cheese, dried fruits, topped with our creamy poppy seed dressing and Jeff's nuts!
(his famous glazed pecans). 21.00

Buffalo Gal Salad 
This is like having your favorite wings only no bones or mess! Fresh Greens topped with buffalo braised chicken drizzled with our maple blue/ranch sauce with garden veggies and Stow Away Croutons. Topped with blue cheese crumbles with a side of our house vingairette and an additional side of our maple blue/ranch. Comes with corn bread and honey butter. 28.00

This is my sister Barb’s favorite salad...and like the movie, this salad is lusty and fun! Starts with fresh greens, fresh mozzarella, sliced sweet grape tomatoes, topped with dried fruits  and Jeff's nuts! (his famous glazed pecans) Then finished off with a drizzle of our  house vingairette 21.00

Xtra Salad Toppings:
Steak 10.00
Smoked Salmon  9.00
Herb Roasted Chicken  8.00
Goat cheese  3.00 Feta Cheese  3.00 Blue cheese  3.00


 Homemade Pie by the StowAway Baker  ala mode ... 15.00
It is incredibly homey and delicious. Gotta try it!!

Brownie Hot Fudge Sundae with heath bar crunch ... 15.00

The Best Whoopie Pie Evah ... 12.00
The Stow Away Baker's Chocolate dipped Dutch Chocolate Cake with Marshmellow filling

Dark Chocolate Turbinado Sea Salted Almonds (8 oz.) 8.00 (GF)


* Pint of our House Dressing (maple vinaigrette) ... 15.00

* Side of Cornbread and Honey Butter 4 pieces ... 10.00

* Side of Jeff's Nuts! (8 oz.) ... 8.00

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We have Spirits and basic bar choices and see below our wines ands beers. 

Spirits..and we don't mean ghostly..want a cocktail.?..we'll send the just add ice!

  Bulleit Rye Whiskey ... 14.00
    Bulleit Bourbon ... 14.00 
    Bombay Sapphire Gin ... 14.00
    Absolut Vodka ... 14.00
Titos Vodka 15.00
    Goslings Dark Rum ... 14.00 
    Glenlivet Scotch ... 15.00
Kahlua 15.00
    Jameson Irish Whiskey ... 14.00
  Bailey's  Irish Cream ... 14.00
     Amaretto di Saronno ... 15.00
    Patty’O..Jameson and Irish Cream on the Rocks ... 15.00
    Cabo Wabo Tequila Blanco a sipping Tequila ... 15.00
    Dark and Stormy … 15.00
    Martinis or Mahattans ... 15.00
    Cold River Blueberry Vodka ... 15.00
add lemonade for a super special local bevi! 


* Big Bottle of Berringer 1.5'er  25.00
Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay, or Pinot Grigio

* Three from the Conundrum Winery
 Rose', Red Blend  or White Blend

* Oyster Bay Blanc  35.00

* Angeline Chardonnay 35.00

* Ruffino Pinot Grigio  35.00

*Coppola Pinot Noir 45.00

* Michael David Freakshow Cabernet  42.00 

* J Lohr Reisling  35.00

* 1000 Stories Cabernet  35.00
* Chateau La Grave Cahors Malbec  35.00

* Veuve du Vernay Brut  35.00

* Zartetto Prosecco  38.00

* Cockburn Tawny Port  30.00

Saco Brewing Compnay IPA, Pilsner, and Brown Ale 8.00
Bud Lite 6.00
 NA Becks 6.00

The Queen Post Café at Stone Mountain Arts Center 695 Dugway Road, Brownfield, Maine 04010 dot 1-207-935-7292
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