Noonan's Tree House Cafe at Stone Mountain Arts Center
  A truly unique dining experience in the western mountains of Maine  

Every Friday and Saturday nights and always open on any Concert Night
(we often have concerts midweek, so check the schedule)

The Tree House Cafe and curbside takeout is closed for more adapting
and will reopen Saturday, September 19th. Stay Tuned. :>)


As you may or may not know we have two barns on our property, joined by a breezeway. One is our Maine Concert Hall and one is our 210 year old lobby barn…We call it the Quisisana Barn, named after a place I used to work. We have decided to open as a restaurant in that beautiful old timber frame.  Serving dinner in the the Barn and renovated porch will be a permanent part of what we do here at SMAC. Along with our now very successful take out business “Noonan’s Tree House Cafe" will open soon and with caution. “Noonan’s” will be outfitted with socially distanced tables, as well as a newly renovated screened in porch and of course the most awesome staff in the world!

How did we get the name? We had a tree house growing up and I would often make sandwiches for me and Katy to have a tree house lunch and to pretend we were a restaurant in the trees!! Haha..well it's almost like that. Come see our grown up restaurant. Katy might take your reservation and I will be making you more than sandwiches!!! And by the way, our prices are a little on the high side, but please know when you support our dining, you support our music too and we thank you!

OH, and the portions are huge!!!!!!!

xoxoxoxo Carol Noonan

p.s. Be sure to bring a sweater for those cooler nights!

Welcome to Noonan's Tree House Cafe
Open, airy, and spacious



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Watch Noonan's

Tree House Cafe Video >


* Dinner and Take Out is by Reservations only
* Hours: 5:00 to 7:00 (Concert night times vary)
* Seating is for Indoor Diners only…sorry not for Take Out’ers.
* Email or call us early at 1-207-935-7292.
* Cash is Still King ... we prefer cash or checks.
In this challenging time, avoiding credit card fees is optimal.

* Please see below the how-to's for Reservations.

COVID ... before you dine with us  
  • All Guests are Required to Wear a Mask When on the Property Except When Seated at the Table Per State of Maine.

  • Politics's the law and breaking it can threaten our license. So please wear a mask. We will have masks for you too if you need one!

  • Guests who do not comply will not be able to enter or be asked to leave…. again, it’s the law and we want to stay open!!
Seating Options - there is an 8 person limit for seating  
Porch Seating at Noonan's Tree House Cafe
Barn Seating at Noonan's Tree House Cafe
Support to
Provide a Meal...

If you can't be with us, provide a Take Out Meal to Support Us and
a Local Family.

Click to learn how ...
  • The Porch Seating
    It kinda feels like that tree house. The enclosed screened in porch sits high up in the trees where the green shades and the sounds of our old owl and many birds will make the dining experience really special. Oh and you might see a moose on occasion!! Only five socially distanced tables out there. Make your reservations early.

  • Barn Seating
    Indoors but very airy…We have three big screened doorways open, weather permitting. The AC will be on too, so its cool. but there is outside air coming in too. There are lots of "old tie ups" with socially distanced tables, bars for two, and even a comfy couch area. Table lingering is limited to two hours. There may be exceptions to this per case basis.

  • The Bar (very limited when open)
    Has seating for only two parties and we require a reservation for dinner. Plexiglass shields will be in place where you are served.

  • The Stage in the Maine Concert Hall…wow…got a big party?
    If we don't have a concert that night, you can be the star of the day! A large party (maximum of 8 people) can be seated on our stage in front of the beautiful windows that tower over our stage in the Maine Concert Hall where you will be the only patrons in the hall…all by your lonesome!

  • Picnic Tables
    We have two uncovered picnic tables at the dressing room courtyard below the Tree House. They are available for table service and sometimes take out. Availability will vary.

  • Fattening the Curb…SMAC Take Out.
    We have a booming take out business, and the menu changes each weekend. Can’t be with us? Donate a meal to a deserving family. Check out our take out page.
  Just the facts SMAC  
  • Hours:
    - Every Friday and Saturday and Any Concert Night
    - Indoor and Curbside Dining 5:00 to 7:00 by Reservation
    - Concert Nights - times vary

  • Curbside - must be ordered by 3:00 the day of pick up

  • On a Concert Night - dining and curbside is still open ... but ...
    If it is a concert night, the kitchen has to serve food by 7:30 so we can start the show (the kitchen is in the Main Concert Hall and has to shut down during a concert). We don't want to rush you so we recommend a 6:00 reservation so you are not rushed. That is why we usually only take 6:00ish reservations on concert nights for the Cafe dining.

  • Table Lingering
    Table reservations have a two hour limit especially if there is a reservation waiting :>) Exceptions can be made in advance, but usually not on the porch.

  • Dinner is by Reservations only
    Email us or call ahead. (207-935-7292). Your reservation is not confirmed until you hear back from us. We only have a few tables so don't be a no show!!!

  • Food and Beverage
    We serve Wine and Beer only and our gourmet comfort food menu can be found on our take out page each week….we will have a few additions usually like pizza and salads and additional specials for the indoor menu…so be surprized!

  • Cash is Still King…we prefer cash or checks. In this challenging time, avoiding credit card fees is optimal.

  • Navigating the Covid Restrictions…we know you are taking a leap of faith venturing inside as we are…we all have to work together to make this work..So…...

    * If you feel sick or are at risk please stay home.
    * Don't bunch up at any aware of other patrons..stay six feet apart and one person from your party can check in so there are no lines. Avoid lines!!
    * Rest Rooms….If you see a line….stay six feet apart, wash your hands and wear your mask!
    * There are sanitizers in every doorway...use them!! Be safe!
    * Be respectful. Everyone has their own opinion on all of this craziness and we are all making very personal choices….Lets respect your neighbors, and how they feel. Cause God knows if we have nothing in common right now it is this pandemic!!

  • Dining For Concert Goers.
    You dine where you are seated for show in the Maine Concert Hall. When you order your tickets you can opt for dining or not. Those hours will be posted on your particular concert details.

  • Please be prompt, and avoid coming early or late ..there is no place to wait but your car…please socially distance when waiting to come in the building and better yet send one person to check if the door looks open.

  • Getting here….GPS doesn't always work, so check out our directions page before you come.

  • Lastly Thank you for supporting our Dining business, because when you support our dining, you support the music too!

When you dine with us, either at Noonan's or for curbside take out, you'll also support these local businesses.

Weston's Farm
Fryeburg, Maine

The Stow Away Baker
Stow, Maine

Northland Lobster Company
Conway, NH 


Hand sanitizer available at every doorway
Sanitizer available at every doorway.

  Adapt and Change  

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent.
It is the one that is most adaptable to change. ” - Charles Darwin

Yes that’s what we are all about right now. We know you think of us as a music venue primarily and so do we…but while this pandemic effects us, our staff and our customers we will do what we need to do to weather whatever storm comes our way. We will do what we do best…entertain you with food, laughter, friendship and yes, music. Just have to be a little more creative than usual!! Things can only get better right?!!!! :>)

Please know when you support our dining, you support our music too
and we thank you!
xoxoxox Carol, Jeff, and the SMAC Crew

  Noonan's Tree House Café at Stone Mountain Arts Center 695 Dugway Road, Brownfield, Maine 04010 dot 1-207-935-7292
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