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"Dear Mr. Was ...
Letters from Maine"
by Carol Noonan

A little book to support SMAC
in a big way.
This is a fund raiser for SMAC, so the price reflects the goal, and size DOESN'T MATTER! …but again it will help SMAC in BIG WAY.  Read on ...

  Dear Mr. Was cover
Hi All,
Member this book?
“Dear Mr. Was..Letter From Maine” was a book I put out about my life here in Maine way before The Stone Mountain Arts Center. I decided to re-print it as a fund raising item in support of our special music hall known as “SMAC” . My friend Wyatt, suggested a bit of a facelift to include some updates about our SMAC life now. It will have lots of great images featuring some very kind and talented New England photographers both color and black and white who kindly donated their work and talents.

We have lived here in Brownfield for over 30 years. When we first moved here our barns were used for horses, hay and Jeff’s commercial fishing net business. Some of these stories in “Dear Mr. Was...” reflect that time in our lives. It is a collection of those stories I wrote to a friend musician, producer, writer and journalist David Was (of Was not Was) in L.A. about living in the Land of the Pines. I have tasted the salt of the waterfront, and been bitten by the black flies of western Maine, where of course is now my forever home.

In 2006 we had the nutty idea to transform our property to be what is now the Stone Mountain Arts Center. Now I spend my days with Jeff in the same house... only our barns now are the home to musicians and those who love them.

I have never claimed to be a writer but I have got to live a pretty interesting life here in this beautiful neck of the woods. We are proud to own and run “SMAC” as the localsl call it, and this not so classy literary effort was originally part of my “merch" table when I was touring and selling albums and playing shows. Now it will be part of SMAC’s merch table and serve to support bringing music up here to the willy wags.

Soooooo ... buy this book and know you are investing in a very special place up here on Dugway Road..and you might have some fund reading it too!

And I'll sign the book too!!!

With much appreciation,
Carol Noonan October 2023
A big and heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to the book originally, recently and ever so generously ...

Laurie LaMountain
Wyatt Wade
Katy Gilligan
Tonee Harbert
Anne Skidmore
Dave Griffin
Claire Golding
And of Course David Was
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Carol Noonan Releases Her New Book!

Book CoverMaine singer-songwriter Carol Noonan is critically acclaimed as one of folk music's jewels.  Her performances of her signature dark ballads are always accompanied by an unlikely partner of humor and wit.  she has taken that humor to pen, and made her rookie attempt with "Dear Mr. Was....Letters From Maine".  It is a collection of stories she wrote to a friend out in L.A. about living in the Land of the Pines.  Noonan has tasted the salt of the waterfront, and been bitten by the black flies of western Maine, where she now resides.  Still considered a "flatlandah",  she has lived in Maine over 25 years.  During those years, she has met the people and lived in the places that inspire her stories.  They are mostly comical, but always written with love, and spoken in her own way.  You will meet Franny Fox, the ferret-fancying neighbor who unexpectedly had her unexpected baby in "the Wal-mart".  Or Artie, the waterfront bartender who had night cockroach races, and made more bets than drinks.  Noonan has a talent for telling a story, whether she puts it to music or down on paper.  Her Mom says that she got this talent from her great Irish uncle, a legendary seanakie.. . a teller of stories, going from pub to pub trading tales for pints.  Noonan will not boast that she is a writer or seanakie, but like her uncle before her, she can weave it with the best of them.  so fill your glass, make a toast, and take a trip to Maine.  

  From "Dear Mr. Was ...    
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