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So you wanna come to our Annual Christmas Craft Fair ...
Lots of great artisans and food. SMAC kitchen will be serving a nice brunchy/lunchy menu available all day
and the bar will be open for some Christmas cheer!

Mother of a Craft Fair

DATE: Sunday, December 4, 2022
TIME:  10:00 am - 3:00 pm
ADMISSION:  $2 at the door ... kids under 12 free
We do not accept credit cards on site for Food or Beverage... so when you come to the show bring cash or checks!

 We will take some limited reservations for dining and of course we welcome walk ups too!If you really wann table, call ahead (207-935-7292)
Dining Seating : Is available in the balcony or the first Barn as well as out 4 season porch.In the main hall in the balcony and on the floor in the middle of the room. You can order at the bar or ask Susie at the door to contact a server to help you.
                        Full  Menu: From Brunch to Lunch

*Super SMAC Breakfast English Muffin Sandwich 
Open Faced for easy eating Made with a big Stow Away Baker English Muffin, layered with scrambled eggs, sausage, spinach, tomato and carmelised onion 
Served with a side of fig jam 20.00.      
*Want it veggie?  …Leave out the meat and add broccoli!

*Breakfast Burrito...Scrambled eggs, black beans, veggies and cheese blend. Comes with a side of sour cream, salsa, and SMAC HomeFries 23.00
*Yummy Waffles ...comes with whipped butter and warm real local maple syrup 17.00   
Add berries 19.00 

*Omelettes ...Served with SMAC homefries  and a grilled Stow Away’s english muffin 23.00
Meaty Omelette ....bacon, ground sausage and ham, carmelised onion with our house cheese blend
Rustic Omelette...roasted sweet potatoes, carmelised onions, bacon, spinach and goat cheese and house cheese blend 
Western Omelette...peppers, onion and ham, and cheese Blend
Veggies Omelette ...broccoli, spinach, tomato roasted peppers, carmelised onion and our cheese blend


* Irish Nachos ...A big pan of SMAC HomeFries smothered in ground sausage, peppers, tomatoes, topped with melted cheese and finished off with maple sour cream!!! And a side of SMAC hot sauce . 22.00 * Add Scrambled eggs to the mix 25.00 

*Smokey and the Bagel: Smoked Salmon and a Grilled Sesame Bagel with Cream Cheese, capers and pickled onions. 18.00

* Shortbread cinnamon roll drizzled with caramel sauce. Comes with a fruit cup 14.00 

*Granola Parfait ...Greek yogurt, Stow Away’s homemade maple almond Granola, berries and real local maple syrup all layered :>)) Super fresh and beautiful 15.00 (granola has nuts)

*Stow Away’s Apple Pie with Melted cheddar cheese. My Dad’s Fave’ Breakfast! 15.00

* Fruit Bowl ... a generous bowl of berries , and melons 11.00 

* Sides:     Bacon 5.00. /SMAC homefries 5.00 /  Baked Beans 5.00
 *Smoked Salmon  App…. Spiced smoked salmon with a side of herb cheese, pickled onion and capers,  and crackers crackers 18.00

Homemade Bufflao Chicken Fingers  buttery panko chicken dredged in our buffalo sauce with Buffalo with Maple Blue dressing   18.00 (add it to one of our salads)

*Shrimp Cocktail  ...17.00 (Add it to one of our salads!!)

County Meatloaf Wrap…Hearty meatloaf with melted cheese,  lettuce, tomato, and honey mayo. Comes with pasta salad and chips 24.00 

*Veggie Wrap veggies with melted cheese and our poppy seed dressing. Comes with Comes pasta salad and chips 20.00 

Roast Turkey BLT  Wrap ….Roastred turkey with with lettuce tomato, bacon and honey mayo. Comes with pasta salad and chips 20.00

 By The Crock 

*  Beef Tenderloin Stew with a buttery biscuit
* Veggie chili topped with cheese and comes with with corn bread, tortilla chips and a side of sour cream


SMAC BIG Dinner Salads comes with bread and honey butter

SMAC Super Salad  Fresh Greens, garden veggies, dried fruits, topped with our House vingairette and Jeff's nuts! (his famous glazed pecans). 18.00

*Greekish Salad….Fresh Greens, cukes, toms, olives, pickled red onions, banana peppers and feta of course. Topped with dried cranberries, croutons and our housee vingairette 22.00

*Buffalo Chicken Finger Salad..... This is like having your favorite wings only no bones or mess! Fresh Greens topped with buffalo braised panko chicken fingers drizzled with our maple blue/ ranch sauce with garden veggies and Stow Away Croutons. Topped with blue cheese crumbles with our maple blue/ranch. Comes with corn bread and honey butter. 30.00 

*Barbarella This is my sister Barb’s favorite salad...and like the movie, this salad is lusty and fun! Starts with Fresh greens, fresh mozzarella, sliced sweet grape tomatoes, topped with dried fruits  and Jeff's nuts! (his famous glazed pecans) Then finished off with a drizzle of our  house vingairette 22.00

* Fruity  Salad ...Fresh Greens, berries, fresh blue cheese or goat cheese, dried fruits, topped with our creamy poppy seed dressing and Jeff's nuts! (his famous glazed pecans). 22.00 

Xtra Salad Toppings: Smoked Salmon 9.00 /Herb Roasted Chicken  8.00 
Goat cheese  3.00 Feta Cheese  3.00 Blue cheese  3.00  
*Holiday Jar of Jeff’s Nutz!! 20.00

                             Sweeties from the Stow Away Baker!!!
* Stow Away’s Home Made Pie ala mode Gotta try it!! 16.00
* Mocha Whoopie Pie!  Dutch Chocolate dipped Cake with a creamy mocha  filling. 12.00  
*Brownie Hot Fudge Sundae with heath bar crunch ... 15.00 

  A Note from Carol and Jeff.... We know our prices are on the high side...but again, when you dine with us you are helping SMAC to shine....and we thank you!!! By th way... ya know our portions are generous just like you!!!

For more information...
Tickets ... Tickets for this event will only be sold at the door.

Arts Center Box Office ... Tickets, gift certificate, SMAC memberships, logo items and Carol Noonan cds are all available for purchase by check or credit card at the Box Office. We would love to talk to you all in person, but we have a small staff, so our physical box office is open on a limited basis. If you would like to visit us or come up in person to buy a ticket please call or email us first to make sure we are open. To contact us, email is best or call and leave a message. You might actually catch someone in person!!

Please call 1-207-935-7292 if you need assistance... someone will return your call promptly. You may also find your answer listed in our Facts and Policies page.

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Please call 1-207-935-7292 if you need assistance... someone will return your call promptly.