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Stone Mountain Arts Center Barn Moving Complete

October 15, 2005
For immediate release

Carol Noonan
Stone Mountain Arts Center
c/o Carol Noonan Music
695 Dug Way Road
Brownfield, Maine 04010


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When I overheard “crushed Stone” I couldn't help but be a little nervous by the irony of the phrase. But that was the order of the day, when the 150 ton crane from Cote Crane and Rigging out of Auburn Maine got stuck in the mud after the first piece of the barn for the Stone Mountain Arts Center was successfully moved on Saturday.

It only took about about ten minutes to lift half of a 72x32 timber frame built by Andy Buck of Naples, Maine ten years ago. As the big frame was lifted up and over our old barn, neighbors holding tether lines, guided the structure, and set it perfectly into the notches that awaited each grand post. It was reminding me of the great balloons at the Macy’s day parade, and suddenly I was picturing Underdog spinning out of control, and my heart began to pound.

But “no big deal” was the comforting phrase from Crane owner Ron Cote and soon there were cheers and sighs of relief, as we all stood in the relentless rain that has plagued us for weeks. Our whole neighborhood came out to support the effort, and lend a hand on the ground to take over where the crane would leave off. I heard someone say, “it seems like there is a carpenter for every tree in this town!” And thank God, because our celebration ended quickly when the crane attempted to move forward for the next pick and was stopped by the menacing mud and puddles that had accumulated throughout the morning.

Those Brownfield boys sprung into action though...tractors, dozers, and shovels swirled around the tires trying to fill in sand hoping to give the big crane some traction. But two hours later the crane remained stuck, and digging deeper and deeper in the muck and mire. At this point we were fearing the worst ....that the second piece would not get moved this day, and the next day predicted winds that would prevent the crane from making any lifts into the air.

BUT....Luckily for us we were able to get a hold of Dave Anderson from George Anderson and Sons out of Sebago Maine.They have done our foundation excavation and septic system. Dave’s wife was kind enough to reach him on his cell phone and explain the emergency. God lov’em.... he agreed to bring over some “crushed stone” to save the day, and bring new meaning to our arts center’s name!

The crane being stuck took a big chunk of the day, and in between this 3 or 4 hour wait, everyone came into my house for food, and a turn in front of the woodstove. To my astonishment, no one bailed or even whined about the obvious frustration and discomfort of those brutally wet conditions. Even the crew from Cote Rigging and Crane, had on their best game face, and told me not to worry.

Long story, less long, the last summer beam was placed in the dark, and a little crying, a little laughing., and a lot of pats on the back and beers followed. And this morning when jeff and I came downstairs and looked out our kitchen window to see this thing standing majestically behind our house, he quoted a good friend of ours....”an adventure is seldom enjoyable while it is happening”. I think that may have summed up the day that will remain a good story for years to come.

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